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Macho Mayhem Double Disc Box 10

Large Front - Large Back
Macho Mayhem Double Disc Box 10
(Sunset Whole-sale)
Article Number DDMA10

Title Information:

It's a two-disc bonanza as some of the hottest, horniest uncut studs work out their testosterone-fuelled urges on each other; gobbling away on each and every hard dick that cums their way, before drilling for all they're worth on all that pert, manly ass that's been brought to the party. Black, white - it don't really matter for these sex-crazed beauties. They just have an urge that needs to be satisfied, and the only thing that's gonna suffice is hard, ripped flesh and balls full of cum. All of which quickly culminates in some very sticky facials and some very happy, well-worked puckers. You'd be crazy not to want to join in the fun!

Starring :
Alex Stan
Brandon Jones
Brice Cruz
Damian Boss
Danny B
Dominic Pacifico
Donal Wolf
Eddie Butler
Erik Lenn
Kris Irons
Luke Riveira
Nathan Hope
Nathan Price
Paddy Obrian
Raul Marcos
Uncle John
Yohan Banks
Category  :  
Languages  :  
Directed by  :  
Running time  :   222 Min.
Tech features  :  
Extra's  :  

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