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Raging Bulls - Double Disc Box 10

Large Front - Large Back
Raging Bulls - Double Disc Box 10
(Sunset Whole-sale)
Article Number DDRB10

Title Information:

When a river's in full spate or a bull's in full rutt, you know there's an element of danger - but it's one that's almost impossible to resist. A sentiment you'll see exploited to the max here, as a collection of handsome dudes in their prime put on a premier, double-disc collection of man-on-man action that will have you mesmorised from start to finish. With some of the hottest muscles on display - not to mention some of the biggest, beefiest dicks - these buddies aren't satisfied until every ass has been ploughed and every nut has been popped. Resistance, as they say, is completely and utterly useless!

Starring :
Aitor Bravo
Ale Tedesco
Craig Daniel
Dan Ryder
Dean Monroe
Delta Kobra
Dillon Buck
Drew Brody
Enzo Rimenez
Jessy Ares
Justin King
Korben David
Lucas Knowles
Luois Marco
Marco Salquiero
Martin Mazza
Michael Rudin
Mike Eventz
Stefan Stewart
Category  :  
Languages  :  
Directed by  :  
Running time  :   220 Min.
Tech features  :  
Extra's  :  

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